My work has been evolving since I left St Martins over 15 years ago. My inspiration has always been the land. Life within the landscape. Travel and farming have been the roots of much of my work. Endless moments to recreate.


Watercolours and Oils have always been mediums I enjoy. In the past keeping them separate. But recently I have seen how the 2 feed each other. The light and transparency of watercolour can be beautiful. I therefore try to find a way with oil to attain the light and beauty. Some of the most abstract of my works take the longest to resolve. All of the work is spontaneous. I use very specific colour, tone, textures, marks to create an atmosphere within the painting.


The studio is cleared of colour before I paint, so that the intensity of colour on one painting is intense and very specific. Once the painting feels “alive” to me it is right. Some paintings come easily and some take many years to resolve. Some of the paintings are peaceful and some energetic. Paintings taking longer to resolve, such as the Ghana series, after spending days with lovely African children. Some evolving quickly after an excitement of inspiration, the light on a bird or on a plant I’ve grown. I painted obsessively, every day after I left college. After a time I wanted to get away from painting and find another world and really release myself from the desire to always create.


In 2002 I studied Horticulture at Reading and set up the organic market garden, teaching people to grow food and a passion for commercial sustainable commercial food. I also have my 2 gorgeous children.


Recently, Autumn 2009 back in the studio, my paintings were waiting for me. I have been able to re engage with them. Finding new feelings to recreate from a more open and measured perspective.


I have worked to commission, mainly this entails a specific space and a loose idea of atmosphere.



Curriculum Vitae


2017: Sunday Times Watercolour.


2017: Alex Hammersley fine art. Pop up show Soho.


2014: Solo show Henley Festival.


2013/2010: Solo show in studio.


2003. Solo show for Le Salon for Art Collectors, Vanessa Suchar London.


2002: Art in Action. Waterperry. Oxfordshire. Henley Festival solo show.


2001: Royal West of England Academy. Bristol.
Singer and Frielander. Mall Galleries. London
Summer exhibition R.A.
Affordable art fair with Milne and Mollar.
Fresh Art. Islington.
Open studio at Gas Works New Kings Road.(Studio for 5 years)


2000: Singer and Frielander. Watercolour competition.


1999: Art in Action. Waterperry.
Henley Festival.
Art on paper fair. Royal College.
Winter collection, Spring Exhibition. Bankside gallery.


1998: The Air Gallery. Dover Street.
Royal Overseas League. Picadilly. Award.
Red Gallery mixed show. Marlow
Modern Artists gallery. Whitchurch.
London Contemporary Art fair.
World of Watercolours. The Dorchester. London.
Sainsbury’s wine label award.


1997: Neval Gallery, Canterbury.
Candid Arts trust Islington
Datchet Art gallery. Ascot.
Henley Festival.
Bankside gallery.


1996: London Contemporary Art Society. Royal Festival Hall.
Graduation Show.
Awarded youngest member of RWS Bankside.





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